BSC is an IT Consulting company that makes and implements enterprise software. We focus on making software that helps companies make improvements. For over 15 years, we have been helping companies successfully implement software that works.

Our Mission
BSC is a management and technology consulting firm whose mission is to help clients make significant improvements. This simply means that we do not use a one-size-fit-all approach.

We would first listen to client needs and find out more about clients problems and opportunities for improvements. After analyzing the situation, we will provide custom solutions designed to meet the specific needs.

Our Strength
Our strength lies on our network of resources called “Global Web”, a network of consultants and specialists throughout the world that support us. Although we are small in size, this strong network of consultants allows us to provide expertise in any area. This means that whenever a client requires someone with a specific background, we can locate one from our network and involve him/her in our team.

We also establish strategic alliances with leading vendors to strengthen our position by gaining access to specific skills and knowledge. As a result, we are able to keep up with the fast advancement in the technology world.

The way we work

BSC is committed to providing professional quality services to our clients. We have established a working method that we follow in each engagement as follows:

  • Ensure that the client will get significant benefits out of the engagement. Prior to accepting any engagement, we want to make sure that clients will get significant benefits from the engagement. If there seems to be no opportunity for improvements, we will not take the assignment.
  • Work with clients, not for them, to achieve expected results. We involve clients in our assignments. We discuss things first with clients before making finalization. We work as closely as possible with our counterpart team who can provide insight information that will eventually lead us to the best possible solutions to them
  • Deliver the best possible solutions to clients. We believe that our clients deserve the best possible solutions to their problems. Therefore, we work hard and we make every reasonable effort to ensure that our clients get best solutions.
  • Strictly keep client’s information confidential. As professionals, we have strict policies concerning our client’s information.