The right tools meet the right skill

Sage 300 ERP ACCPAC is fully integrated business management applications that delivers high performance, advanced functionality, cross product integration and unmatched freedom of choice. With over 20 years of experience in providing reliable software solutions to more than 500,00 companies around the world, the software has proven to be a clear choice for many companies.

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BSC has been helping companies with Sage 300 ERP ACCPAC implementations and other services since 1996. Combined with our management consulting skill and software development capabilities we extend the solutions that Sage 300 ERP ACCPAC can provide to meet your unique business requirements.

Sage 300 ERP ACCPAC solutions that we provide includes the following:

Software Implementation
Software implementation is the most critical process in developing a solution for your business. This is the part where the software as a tool is integrated into your business. This is where we make the tool works for your business. A success implementation results in a situation where the software becomes an enabler for your business to make improvements.

With our extensive experience in business systems and ACCPAC, we can ensure we address all critical issues in implementation phase. Our knowledge in management and business systems allows us to understand how the business works and apply that into the software being implemented, therefore, creating an optimal results for your business.

In every implementation project, we always follow our proven methodology that serves as a logical framework. This ensures we always deliver consistent results in every implementation projects.

Add-on modules development
Our capability to understand your business requirements allow us to see the gap between the software features and your business needs. Sometimes there are unique requirements that cannot be fulfilled by ACCPAC alone and just by creating a small modules outside ACCPAC, the problem can be solved.

Our company has the ability to build small, unique, add-on module that can be attached to ACCPAC. Example of modules that we create for our Indonesian clients are PPn Reporting Module, Payroll Module, and Cost Accounting Module (Harga Pokok Produksi). These modules are simple but highly valuable when integrated into ACCPAC.

ACCPAC support and maintenance
We have standard and customized ACCPAC support and maintenance program for any company using ACCPAC. Whether you implemented your own ACCPAC software or used the service of other ACCPAC consultants, we can help you with the support and maintenance.

Our ACCPAC support agreement include Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is proven satisfactory to our clients. The consistent professional support that we provide has attracted many companies to join our ACCPAC support program.

Many companies have enjoyed the benefits of innovative solutions that we provided by combining powerful ACCPAC software and our hands-on expertise in accounting and management.